Tidal Wave Magic Mushroom

Tidal Wave Magic Mushroom information

Tidal Wave cubensis is a magic mushroom hybrid of the very ponent Penis Envy and B+ strains.

When discussing magic mushroom strains, we’re referring to subgroups within a given species differing in phenotypes or growth patterns. This may include differences in the color, size, and potency of active compounds.

Crossing strains entails mixing the DNA of two different mushroom cultures within the same species by isolating the monokaryotic culture of the desired strains. These monokaryotic cultures only have one set of DNA, so it’s unable to reproduce fruiting bodies on their own. It produces dikaryotic mycelium that grows mushrooms only when it’s introduced to another group of monokaryotic cultures. This process doesn’t always make a reliable new strain, and the process is often repeated to create stable genetics.

The Tidal Wave strain is part of the Psilocybe cubensis species and was reportedly the only strain with a higher tryptamine and psilocybin content than the famed Penis Envy in the 2021 Psilocybin Cup.

Tidal Wave is a fast-fruiting strain with an above-average potency for a magic mushroom, which makes sense, having genetics from Penis Envy, which is said to have up to 100 percent more psilocybin than average.

Tidal Wave Specs:

PotencyVery Potent
SpeciesPsilocybe cubensis
Substrate RecommendationRye Grain
Sold BySporeslab, Sporeworks, Miracle Farms Spores

Tidal Wave Mushrooms Effects & Characteristics

Magic mushrooms grow in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Tidal Wave mushrooms get their color, size, and overall cap shape from the B+ parent strain but have thick white bodies with tightly packed gills that resemble Penis Envy.

The wavy edges on the cap give it an otherworldly look, and these characteristic waves are where the strain gets its name from. Another unique quirk of the Tidal Wave strains is that they sometimes grow a little white ball on the top of their caps.

The effects of the Tidal Wave strain are very similar to Penis Envy, causing heavy visual hallucinations with intense euphoria during the initial stage while maintaining a sense of mental clarity

Tidal Wave is known to produce feel-good sensations in the body, so many users find Tidal Wave mushrooms to be a helpful tool for combatting depression and other mood disorders. This is why it’s also a popular strain in microdosing formulas for general mood elevation.

While Tidal Wave, B+, and Penis Envy have a higher than average psilocybin content, many mycologists believe that how the mushroom was grown is much more impactful on the effect profile of the mushrooms than the given genetics itself, which leads us to our next topic.

Compared to Penis Envy, which is highly susceptible to contamination in its growing environment, Tidal Wave seems to be much more robust. Still, it’s essential to keep your growing area and equipment sterile to avoid contamination.

Tidal Wave grows well in most popular substrates, including rye grain, brown rice flour, and wild birdseed.

After sterilizing your equipment, it’s time to inoculate your substrate. A popular substrate for mushrooms is rye grain, which you can find at most gardening stores. To inoculate the rye grain, simply mix it with your spores to colonize the substrate. To give the spores a fighting chance, leave them be a few extra days before moving them into your humid fruiting chamber.

All that’s left to do is wait for the magic to happen. 

Mushrooms typically take about two weeks to fruit, so be patient! Once they start popping up, you can enjoy them fresh or dry for later use. You can easily grow magic mushrooms right in your own home with a bit of effort.

Tidal Wave Variations & Genetic Relatives

Tidal Wave is an incredible strain bred from some very heavy-hitting classics — Penis Envy and B+. It’s unclear who deserves the credit for creating this infamous strain. 

Penis Envy is best known for its potency — its characteristically high psilocybin content produces strong hallucinogenic visuals and an otherworldly experience. At the same time, the B+ strain is enjoyed for its relaxing and clear-headed magic mushrooms experience.

How to Dose Tidal Wave Magic Mushrooms

Although Tidal Wave mushrooms can have an extremely high psilocybin content, their effects are manageable, offering clear-headed effects, interesting visual hallucinations, and a body high — but you should still tread lightly when dosing.

Dosing magic mushrooms is a personal affair as the perfect dose will depend on your age, genetics, weight, and the type of experience you’d like with your mushrooms. 

If you’ve never dosed before, here’s a general guide—it’s always best to start with smaller doses and work your way up gradually, as the effects of magic mushrooms can be overwhelming for someone with no experience.

  • 0.25 – 1 gram is a light recreational dose
  • 1 – 2.5 grams is a medium recreational dose
  • 3 – 5 grams is a full to strong recreational dose
  • 5 grams + is a very spiritual dose

The Tidal Wave mushroom is an intense strain, more potent than the famous Penis Envy mushroom.

If you’re looking for an intense psychedelic experience, this might be what your mind has been searching for. You can find dried Tidal Wave mushrooms online at most reputable retailers or purchase spore kits to grow your own magic garden at home. Of all the psychedelic mushroom species, Psilocybe cubensis is the easiest to grow. 


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